Use cases, system architecture and test cases

Work package 1

Based on the use cases, this work package aims to develop a structural organization of the requirements.

Based on this, the system architecture of the test environment and the reference implementation is developed. To complement the test environment, the test cases for the requirments are also being formulated in this work package.


Technology evaluation
accompanying standardization

Work package 2

For the evolution of the standard, profound feedback regarding its practical applicability is required.

In this work package, the test environment shall be used to further evaluate the technology and thus generate know-how than can be fed back to the standardization.


Refence implementation and test environment

Work package 3

Key focus of this work package is software development.

A thorough requirements analysis and careful specification of the software form the basis for a well-documented and open source implementation of both the reference implementation as well as the test system.


Hardware reference platform

Work package 4

This work package specifies the reference platform, which can be used in conjunction with the software as developed in WP3 for the actual realization of a refence system or a test system.

The necessary requirements analysis and the specification based upon will be disclosed to the public in a detailed document.


Integration of small and
medium enterprises (SME)
and model region

Work package 5

To support the broad deployment of V2G CI, this work packages aims at the explicit collaboration with national committees and model regions.

Workshops to disseminate implementation knowledge shall support partners to become acquainted with the standard and feed back practical experience to the project.


Standardization and
public relations

Work package 6

In this work package, contributions to ISO and IEC shall be generated from the results of the other work packages.

Also, methodology and results from scientific evaluation of the standard shall be published and presented in the context of workshops and conferences.